4 real ways to get extra cash

  1. Sell items you no longer use. 

Take time to look around and see items that you have not used in a while, it can be anything from your old textbooks that you no longer use or clothes that you no longer wear anymore. There are even websites where you can list your items for sale and they will handle the shipping and payments are made direct into your bank account. 

  1. Take up side jobs. 

Opportunities are all around you, there are many side jobs available some starting with no experience up to a professional level. You could start in your local neighborhood asking friends and family members if there is anything that you could help with, you never know you might just be the person they need to help them. You can register with affiliate programs where you sell items such as cookware and makeup to your network of friends and family. Now days you can even get work online using websites such as Fiverr, where you can sell your services such as marketing management and content creation, check them out here: Fiverr 

  1. Start a side line business 

Ever had that idea that came across your mind to start a business but never took the next step? Well now is the best time to start your own business on the side line, try to integrate your business with the online world in order to free up your time to focus on other things in life. With an online business you can sell to the world not just your local community. Research online business ideas to find out more. 

  1. Get a job 

Okay you might say yes I have a job or I am trying that, but I had to add it here because this is another great way to make extra cash. If you have a job, ask your boss if you can work extra time, if you have extra time after work think about getting another job on a different shift such as a waiter at a restaurant. These jobs can be available in shopping centers or malls near you or even online. 

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