5 ways to get the most of your day

Wake up early 

The early bird catches the worm still holds true till this day. One of the best things you can do is waking up early. By getting up early you get a head start versus others that are still asleep, this gives you extra time to set yourself up for success. This extra time can be used for exercise, studies or setting your daily goals. 


Exercise has so many benefits that it has to be included in this list, Exercise is not only good for your body but also great for your mind. Leading to better decision making in your work environment. Exercise also makes you feel good, when results start to show, it motivates you and you tend to start working harder towards your goals. Plus, as a bonus you get that awesome figure. 

Set daily goals 

Setting daily goals can seem difficult at first, but once you start doing them, they will be life changing. Having daily goals keeps you on track throughout the day, and helps you to reach your long-term goals, the best approach to creating daily goals is to first figure out your life goals and then break it down to yearly, monthly, and then daily, this way you get it narrowed down perfectly. 

Eat right 

Food usually gets the best of us, you see the donuts in the shop window while walking in the mall and the temptation to have one is overwhelming. Eating healthy is hard at first and tolerance needs to be built over time. Start with researching healthy alternatives to what you are currently eating. For example, if you eating to many carbohydrates during lunch try cutting the carb intake by half and replace the rest with salad then see how you feel, eventually you will be shocked with the results. 


Get good rest, towards the end of the day is time to cut down on the screens, the light given off from screens has been known to affect sleep. Try switching from scrolling on Instagram to reading a book. This is the time to think about all you have accomplished in the day and what to look forward to in future, this is also time to spend with family and friends and destress. 

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