How I got a free domain name

These days whether you are just starting off with blogging or looking to test websites, having a free domain name can be a cost saving way to do it. So, you want to how to get a free domain name, below I have listed the steps to follow to apply for your free domain name which you can use for your website. 

The first step is to head over to a website called Freenom here is the link: it is here where you can search and get your free domain name. You will be required to create a username and password. Once that is done, you can search for your domain name that you want in the search bar. Be sure to add the ending of the domain name such as .tk to the search bar for the website to register it. So, I would recommend first searching the domain names that available then when you want to take that one add the end bit. 

Once you have found the name you require for your website click on check availability and it should display all the free domain names available to select below, if it does not show it means it is not available or someone else already has taken it. 

Try searching changing the name till you find another one, once you see the one you want, it should show the price as free and as 0 USD. Click get it now and add it to your cart and follow the checkout procedure, add all the required details that the website requires, and, in a few minutes, you should have yourself a new domain name, congratulations. 

I will be posting soon on how I use free hosting and on how to set up a free WordPress website, you can sign up on my email list to get updates. Now go out there and put your new domain name to effective use. 

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